Welcome to the Podetize Client Portal: Guided Tour

Just signed up with Podetize? Dive right in with this guided tour of the Client Portal, your one-stop shop for managing your podcast. We’ll cover everything from logging in to crafting custom players. Let’s get started!

Guided Tour Video

Welcome Email and Logging In 

When you sign up with Podetize, you’ll receive a welcome email with login credentials. Log in to the Client Portal here: https://cp.podetize.com/login

Forgot Username or Password

If you forget your password, click on “Forgot your username or password?” (see image above). You can also contact support to get it reset. Be mindful that after five failed login attempts within an hour, your IP address might be blocked for security reasons. This block resets after one hour. You can contact support to lift the block if needed.

The Dashboard – Once logged in, you’ll see the dashboard, providing an overview of your podcast(s).

The Shows Tab – This tab provides details about your show(s).

Here you can:

  • Create a new show
  • Create a new playlist for guest appearances
  • Import an existing show

The Episodes Tab – This tab focuses on episode management.

 Here you can:

  • View a list of episodes in chronological order
  • Access individual episode details (including original and published audio)
  • Edit episodes
  • Delete episodes
  • Self-publish episodes (uploading your own finished episodes)
  • Produce episodes (submitting raw recordings for Podetize to produce)

The Ads Tab (if applicable) – This tab is only available on plans that include ad hosting.

Here you can:

  • Manage ads within your episodes
  • Insert or remove ads
  • Deploy ads across multiple shows

The Analytics Tab

This tab allows you to analyze your podcast’s performance. You can view and export:

  • Daily downloads for all episodes
  • Top 10 episodes over a date range
  • Distribution across devices and operating systems
  • Top apps where your podcast is listened to
  • Locations where your podcast is listened to (by country)

The Players Tab – This tab lets you create customizable players for your podcast.

 You can:

  • Create multiple players
  • Personalize the appearance with colors and images
  • Get embed code to add the player to your website

User Profile, Support, and Billing

Located in the upper right hand corner, click on your name to see the dropdown menu:

My Profile

Here you can:

  • Change the email address associated with your account
  • Reset your password


Here you can:

  • Locate our phone number and email address
  • Submit a help ticket using the form provided


Here you can:

  • View and update billing information (orders, subscriptions, update credit card)




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