Halting Hosting Hijackers: Reclaim Your Podcast Authority

Hosting hijacking involves podcast hosting companies redirecting listeners away from your website and towards their own landing pages, ultimately stealing your traffic and diverting attention from your brand.

Understanding Hosting Hijacking Tactics

Hosting hijackers employ various tactics to siphon away your audience, including:

  • Email Address Redirection: They mask your email address in your podcast’s RSS feed, preventing listeners from directly connecting with you.

  • URL Substitution: They replace your website URL with their own, directing listeners to their landing page instead of your homepage.

  • Episode Link Hijacking: They intercept episode links, sending listeners to their platform instead of your website’s episode page.

The Impact of Hosting Hijacking

Hosting hijacking undermines your podcast’s growth and authority in several ways:

  • Loss of Audience Control: You lose the ability to directly engage with your listeners and gather valuable data through email marketing.

  • Brand Dilution: Listeners are diverted away from your website, weakening the connection between your podcast and your brand.

  • Traffic Theft: Your podcast’s organic traffic is siphoned away, reducing your website’s visibility and search engine rankings.

Protecting Your Podcast from Hosting Hijacking

Fortunately, you can take proactive measures to safeguard your podcast from hosting hijacking:

  • Choose a Hosting Provider that Respects Your Authority: Opt for a hosting provider that prioritizes your control and doesn’t engage in hijacking practices.

  • Review Your RSS Feed Settings: Carefully examine your podcast’s RSS feed to ensure your email address, website URL, and episode links are intact and pointing to your desired destinations.

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What Does Hosting Hijacking Actually Look Like?

Watch the two videos below for examples of what to look out for.



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