Why Aren’t My Posts Showing All Green in Yoast SEO Plugin?

We rarely see a blog post that is able to achieve all greens from Yoast’s analysis and remain authentic and organic. #

We have done numerous tests with the plugin and are confident that our strategy achieves the best possible SEO results even with a few red flags from Yoast.

Yoast is a program that is created by individuals not associated with Google. We make it our top priority to stay on top of SEO algorithm changes on a regular basis. As things change we make adjustments accordingly. Since we do not make the Yoast plugin we cannot say how up-to-date on the algorithm changes they are. We believe it is safe to say their plugin is not updated in real-time to the latest SEO rules. Yoast is however great at letting you know if the metadata for the post is configured properly for Google, which is the main reason we use it. As you can see on the posts the metadata configuration is green.

In our experience, it is more important that the content is authentic and organic rather than for it to artificially improve the content of the post as Yoast recommends to improve readability. This aspect of a post is subjective so we do not change our work if readability is not great as long as the client is happy with the post layout.

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