Submitting Your Audio-Only Podcast to YouTube Music with an RSS Feed

Google Podcasts has shut down and YouTube Music is stepping up as the new platform to share your audio adventures. This guide is here to help you navigate this switch, migrating your audio-only podcast to YouTube Music using RSS feeds. If you already have your podcast setup as a playlist in YouTube and need to designate that as a podcast, use this step-by-step process instead: Set an Existing YouTube Playlist as a YouTube Podcast

Here’s how to submit your podcast via RSS feed:

1. Go to YouTube Studio,  navigate to the Content tab then click on Podcasts

2. Click Create and choose New Podcast 


3. Select Submit an RSS feed and enter your RSS feed URL                       (click here to locate your RSS feed in your Podetize account)

4. You’ll receive a verification code via email. Enter the code to                      proceed. 

5. Choose which episodes you want to upload (all or specific ones).

6. Check the box “My episodes from my RSS feed contain paid promotion” if applicable.

7. Click Save. Your podcast will be created and listed as private by default.

8. Edit the podcast visibility to public and update any other information as needed.

Additional notes:

  • YouTube will create static image videos for each episode using your podcast cover art.
  • Make sure to check the “paid promotion” box if your episodes contain advertisements.
  • You can edit individual episode details and mark them for paid promotion or altered (AI) content.

Watch Here to Learn More

Overall, submitting your podcast with an RSS feed is a straightforward way to get your audio content onto YouTube Music.

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