Why You Should Start a YouTube Podcast

Podcasts on YouTube: A New Horizon for Podcasters

Hey podcasters, there’s an exciting new development in the podcasting world: YouTube Podcasts. This feature allows you to showcase your podcast on YouTube, expanding your reach and connecting with a wider audience.

While YouTube Podcasts is still in its early stages, it offers several promising benefits for podcasters:

  • Enhanced Discovery: Your podcast will gain visibility within YouTube’s extensive podcast section, increasing its chances of being discovered by potential listeners.

  • Automatic Syndication to YouTube Music: Your podcast will be automatically syndicated to YouTube Music, allowing listeners to enjoy it there as well.

  • Advanced Discovery Features: YouTube promises advanced discovery features, badges, and other special treatments to promote your podcast.

Additional Considerations

  • You cannot upload MP3s directly to YouTube Podcasts; they must be in video format.

  • Each podcast episode must be a full-length video.

  • If you have multiple seasons of your podcast, you can include them all in a single playlist.

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YouTube Podcasts is still a relatively new feature, but it holds immense potential for podcasters. With its ability to enhance discovery, boost visibility, and expand your audience, YouTube Podcasts is a valuable tool for podcasters to consider.

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