How to Write the Perfect Podcast Description

Podcast Description Exercise

Your podcast description is the most important part of your listing. It’s what people will see when they’re browsing for podcasts in their favorite app, and it’s what will convince them to click on your show and give it a listen. That’s why it’s so important to get your description right. But how do you write a description that’s both informative and engaging? Follow the steps below to create a podcast description that maximizes your SEO and gets podcast get seen, heard, and found!

Step One

Record yourself talking about your podcast for 10-15 minutes using each of the four prompts. As you go through this exercise, keep in mind that people are more likely to listen to a podcast if they feel like they can connect with the host so use a conversational tone. Also, be sure to give potential listeners a sense of the style of your podcast. Are you funny? Serious? Informative? Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your writing. Now let’s get started!

  1. Start with your ideal listener. Who are you trying to reach with your podcast? What are their pain points? What are their aspirations? Once you know who you’re talking to, you can tailor your description to their needs.
  2. Highlight the benefits of listening to your show. What will your listeners get out of tuning in? Will they learn something new? Will they be entertained? Will they be inspired? Make sure to mention the benefits of your show.
  3. Introduce yourself. Briefly tell your listeners who you are and why you’re uniquely qualified to host this podcast. Do this section in the third person.
  4. Describe what listeners can expect in future episodes. This is different from episode benefits. It’s about the “what” (content) they’ll get by subscribing, not the “why” (benefits) of listening. Mention exciting guests, helpful tips to come, or topics planned for the future. You can also do this if you’ve already recorded your podcast because you’ll already know the content you’ve created.

Step Two

Transcribe your recording. You can use a transcription service or do it yourself. There are many free options out there. Zoom or DropBox for example have built-in transcription options. 

Step Three

Use an AI tool to help you write your description. There are a number of AI tools available that can help you to write a compelling description. However, it’s important to remember that AI is not a magic bullet. You’ll still need to edit the AI-generated text to make sure it sounds like you. We like Google Bard.

Step Four

Proofread and edit your description. Ensure the first 260 characters are especially enticing and succinct as with certain devices and directories, that is all that will be showing. Additionally, remember it’s essential for SEO that you utilize your total character count of 4,000 characters. This is the maximum length that most podcast directories allow so try to get as close to this as possible but don’t go over.

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Once you’ve written your description, be sure to submit it to all of the major podcast directories. You can also use your description on your website and social media channels.

By following these tips, you can write a podcast description that will help you to attract new listeners and grow your show faster.

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