The Best Day to Publish Your Podcast Episodes

Ever stared at your podcast publishing button, paralyzed by fear and indecision wondering, “When should I publish my podcast?” You’re not alone. Picking the perfect day can be a daunting task. But fear not, fellow podcaster, for your audio masterpiece doesn’t need a time warp to find its audience!

The ideal publishing time isn’t a clock face, it’s a map of your audience’s habits. Dive into those website stats, analyze your LinkedIn engagement, and peek behind the curtain of your other social media havens. When are they devouring your content? Are they weekend warriors binging on Sundays, or weekday warriors fueled by Monday morning motivation?

  • Weekend Wonders: If data points to Saturday and Sunday as prime listening times, consider a Thursday-to-Friday pre-weekend release. Let your podcast simmer like a delicious weekend treat, ready to be downloaded and enjoyed at their leisure.
  • Weekday Warriors: Mondays the magic day? Then aim for 1-3 AM Monday mornings. Be their bright and early audio companion, waiting patiently in their podcast queue for the week ahead.
  • Live Streamer: Don’t be a schedule clash contender! Offset your podcast from your live sessions. We publish our main podcast on Thursdays, leaving Wednesdays for our vibrant live stream – clear boundaries, happy listeners!

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Remember, there’s no magic day. Podcasts are on-demand feasts, waiting to be devoured whenever the mood strikes. What’s key is consistency – pick a schedule and stick to it, even if you’re a week behind on someone else’s binge fest. Now go forth, analyze, strategize, and unleash your podcast with confidence! And hey, if you stumble upon a magic day hidden in your data, let us know – we’re all ears!

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