Why You Shouldn’t Put Dates On Your Podcast Blogs

Make Your Podcast Content Evergreen: Ditch the Dates

Many podcasters display episode information on their websites, often including a date published. But have you considered that including a date on your podcast show notes might actually be hurting your listenership?

Here’s why you might want to reconsider including dates on your evergreen podcast content:

  • Confusing Content: Dates on show notes can be misleading, especially if the episode content is timeless. A listener who sees an old date might think the information is outdated, even if it’s still perfectly relevant.

  • Focus on the Now: When someone discovers your podcast, the episode is new to them. Highlighting an old publish date can make them feel like they’re missing out or that the content isn’t valuable.

  • Timeless is Key: The beauty of podcasts is that many topics remain relevant for a long time. By removing dates, you emphasize the evergreen nature of your content and encourage listeners to engage with it, regardless of when it was published.

Exceptions to the Rule:

There are a few rare instances where including a date might be necessary:

  • News-Based Podcasts: If your podcast focuses on current events or breaking news, dates become crucial for context. Listeners need to know when the information was reported.

Watch to Learn More:

The Takeaway:

For most podcasters, removing dates from show notes is a win-win. You’ll present your content as fresh and relevant to new listeners, increasing the value and longevity of your podcast.

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