What Link Should I Share When Directing People to My Podcast?

Share the Right Link to Your Podcast

When directing people to your podcast, avoid sending them directly to a specific podcast player. Instead, share a link to your podcast page on your website. This offers several benefits:

  • Universal Access: Your website serves as a central hub for your podcast, accessible regardless of their preferred podcast app.
  • Player Flexibility: Your website will display links to multiple platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, allowing listeners to choose their preferred app.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: On your website, listeners can see your cover art, bio, and even episode descriptions, helping them identify your show and discover other episodes they might enjoy.
  • Traffic Boost: Sharing your website link drives traffic to your platform, potentially exposing your audience to other content you offer.

Sharing Individual Episodes

For specific episodes, share the show notes page. This page provides valuable context like guest bios, links mentioned in the episode, and social media sharing buttons.

Creating Show Notes Pages

Even if you’re on a budget, invest time in creating basic show notes pages. Include essential information like guest bios, links, and a brief summary. This enhances the listening experience and encourages further engagement plus is a boost to SEO.

Remember, avoid sending listeners directly to specific podcast players. By sharing your website and show notes pages, you offer a convenient, informative, and platform-agnostic way for people to discover and enjoy your podcast.

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