Update Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Guests & Promote Your Podcast

Podcasters, Polish Your Profile: Shine on LinkedIn and Attract High-Value Guests #

For podcasters, LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform. It’s a powerhouse for building connections, landing guests, and boosting your show’s visibility. But your profile needs to be more than just a placeholder. It’s your online billboard, and you need to make it stunning, informative, and strategically optimized.


Images: Profile Photo & Banner

First impressions matter. Your profile picture (400 x 400 pixels) should be a friendly, high-quality headshot that reflects your personality. Your banner is your podcast’s billboard – showcase your brand, but avoid cluttering it with your name. Keep it clean and visually appealing. The ideal size is 1584 x 396 pixels.

Headline: Your headline is your elevator pitch: what makes you and your show unique? Use strong keywords that potential guests will search for. You can use up to 220 characters in this section.

Showcase Your Skills and Show in the About Section


Don’t be shy! The “About” section is your chance to brainstorm about your podcast, company, and any relevant publications or media appearances. This is where you highlight your expertise and showcase your podcast’s value. Utilize the hashtag feature to categorize your skills and interests, making it easier for potential guests to find you.

Use Keywords to Attract the Right Guests

Think like a guest! What keywords would someone searching for a podcast in your niche use? Sprinkle these keywords throughout your profile, especially in your headline, “About” section, and skills area. This increases your chances of appearing in relevant searches and attracting ideal guests.

Activate Creator Mode

Don’t miss out on LinkedIn’s built-in tools for creators! Switching to Creator Mode unlocks features like LinkedIn Live, newsletters, and a follow link. This allows you to share valuable content related to your podcast, further establishing yourself as an authority in your field. You can find this under the Resources section of your profile.

Attract Top Guests

Having a well-maintained profile with prominent information about your podcast makes you appear professional and established. Potential guests are more likely to accept your invitation when they see you’ve got your act together. Remember, in the world of podcasting, trust is key.

By keeping these key areas updated, you’ll transform your LinkedIn profile from a dusty relic to a dynamic hub for attracting high-value guests, boosting your show’s reach, and establishing yourself as a podcasting powerhouse. So polish your profile and put your best foot (or voice) forward!

Remember, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for podcasters – use it wisely and reap the rewards!

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