Should I Nod Or Comment When Recording A Guest Interview Podcast?

Ditch the “Yeahs”: Mastering Active Listening in Podcast Interviews

We all do it in everyday conversation: a quick “yeah” or “mm-hmm” to show we’re listening. But for video podcasters, these seemingly harmless sounds can have unintended consequences.

Here’s the thing: in video interviews, every visual cue matters. Every “uh-huh” highlights your video, pulling the focus away from your guest and disrupting the flow. This can be especially jarring in speaker view, where the highlighted speaker suddenly changes every “yeah.”

That’s not to say you should become a silent statue. Active listening is crucial for engaging conversations, but in video podcasts, it takes a subtle touch. Here’s how to show you’re engaged without stealing the spotlight:

Ditch the audible agreement: Nod vigorously, smile, and maintain eye contact. These visual cues convey attentiveness without interrupting the audio.

Reserve “wow” moments for elaborate comments: Save your “I completely agree”s for moments where you can add valuable insights or ask follow-up questions that push the conversation further. This way, your interjection becomes a bridge, not a roadblock.

Remember, silence is golden: Don’t feel obligated to fill every lull. Pauses allow your guest to gather their thoughts and create space for impactful points.

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These tips apply especially to video first-timers, live streamers, and podcasters who don’t heavily edit their audio. By ditching the distracting “yeahs” and embracing visual cues, you can create interviews that are both engaging and visually dynamic.

So, tune in to your guest, not your urge to interject. Let your nods and expressions do the talking, and watch your interviews reach new heights of connection and flow.

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