Importance of Podcast Guest Follow-Up During Delay Between Recording and Publishing

Keeping Your Podcast Guests Warm: The Midpoint Touchpoint

Podcasters know the magic of a great guest interview. The energy crackles, insights fly, and you can’t wait to share it with the world. But what happens when there’s a long wait between recording and publication? Months can tick by, the initial buzz fades, and you might even start to worry your guest has forgotten all about you.

This is where the midpoint touchpoint comes in. It’s a simple email message sent halfway between recording and publishing, designed to rekindle the connection with your guest and keep them excited about their upcoming episode.

Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Maintains rapport: Let’s face it, memories fade. A quick “Hey, remember that awesome interview we did?” reminds your guest of the value they brought to your show and strengthens the bond you created.
  • Boosts anticipation: By mentioning the target publication date, you get your guest hyped about their episode’s release. They’ll be checking their inbox and social media, eagerly awaiting that “it’s live!” notification.
  • Encourages promotion: This is your chance to gently remind your guest to spread the word about their episode once it’s out. Ask them to share it on their social media channels, rate and review your podcast, and connect with you online.

Crafting the perfect touchpoint:

  • Timing is key: Aim for the halfway mark between recording and publishing.
  • Keep it personal: Reference specific moments from the interview that you enjoyed. This shows you were genuinely listening and adds a touch of warmth.
  • Express gratitude: Thank your guest again for their time and insights.
  • Offer a sneak peek: If you have a trailer or snippet of the interview ready, share it! This will further pique your guest’s interest and give them something to share with their audience.

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Remember, the midpoint touchpoint is about nurturing relationships and building anticipation. It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact on your podcast’s success and the connections you forge with your guests. So, the next time you have a long wait between recording and publishing, don’t let the silence linger. Reach out, rekindle the spark, and get ready for an electrifying episode release!

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