How Often Should I Guest on Other Podcasts?

Balancing Guest Appearances vs. Building Your Own Podcast

Podcasting offers incredible opportunities to share your voice and connect with a wider audience. But with limited time and resources, how do you balance building your own show with appearing as a guest on others?

The One-to-Four Ratio

Our experience reveals a valuable ratio for balancing guesting and independent podcasting: for every episode you guest on a show larger than yours, aim to produce four episodes of your own content. This ensures you’re actively contributing to your own platform while capitalizing on the exposure from larger podcasts.

Reciprocity and Optimization

Don’t overlook the power of reciprocity. Guest exchanges with other podcasters create mutually beneficial partnerships that expand your reach without doubling the workload. Additionally, guesting on shows that align with your niche and target audience ensures you’re connecting with the right listeners.

Prioritizing Your Own Platform

Remember, your own podcast is your most valuable asset. While guesting can be valuable, neglecting your own content can stall your growth. If you can’t consistently produce and promote both your own episodes and guest appearances, consider focusing solely on your own show. This allows you to nurture your audience, build trust, and establish yourself as a reliable voice in your niche.

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