How Can I Improve My Podcast Guest Strategy?

Podcast usage has increased dramatically in recent years and so you might want to think about leveraging your podcast to grow your business or brand. One way to do that is to up-level your guesting strategy. In the podcasting business, having the right guests empowers your show.  Incorporate one or all of these different types of guests and watch it increase your listenership and boost your show.

Industry Celebrities: These guests have more positioning and market share than you and being associated with them is a great way to build your own authority. This is especially important when you’re starting a new show. Make it a priority to book these high-profile guests as soon as possible.

Funnel Guests: Clients, partners, business growth guests. With this guest type, you’re building a rapport on your show so that they will bring you clients, and/or you’re creating a funnel to get you, clients. You’re interviewing them, and then you’re going to have a sales conversation later, or you’re going to upsell them later. Whatever it might be, that is your funnel process.

Other Podcasters: This is also known as podcast swapping and is one of the best and easiest guest types out there. They make great guests because they’re pros so they know what they’re doing and it’s easy to check them out and see if their show is good. Just be sure that they’re aligned with your audience.

Community Members: These guests help build and nurture your community because they come straight from your community. Also consider how you can really serve your community by bringing guests with expertise on topics relevant to what your listenership needs and wants to hear more about.

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