How Turn Your iPhone into a Webcam for Your Zoom Podcast Recordings

Zoom in with Your iPhone

Zoom now lets you transform your iPhone into a high-quality camera for meetings, presentations, and even professional productions!


  • Updated Zoom desktop app & iPhone app
  • Compatible iPhone model and iOS version (check Zoom website for specifics)
  • Bluetooth enabled on both devices


  1. Open Zoom on your computer.
  2. Click the arrow next to “Stop Video.”
  3. Select your iPhone camera from the list (it should appear if connected via Bluetooth).
  4. Adjust positioning for optimal framing (try a mount for stability).


  • Superb video quality: iPhones boasts impressive cameras, giving your Zoom calls a major upgrade.
  • Green screen compatibility: Use your existing green screen setup with your iPhone camera.
  • Seamless switching: Easily toggle between your iPhone and other cameras within Zoom.
  • Professional potential: Filmmakers and creators already leverage iPhone cameras for high-quality productions. Apply it to your Zoom needs!


  • Avoids phone interruptions during sessions, thanks to the call blocking feature.
  • While currently limited to iPhones, hopefully, Android compatibility will be on the horizon.

Watch To Learn More:

Ready to ditch the webcam? Give Zoom with your iPhone a try! You might be surprised by the stunning results.

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