Get Your Guests to Promote You With Ego Bait

An Effective Tool To Get Clicks

Do you want your guests to promote your podcast, blog, or online course? If so, you need to learn how to use Ego Bait! Ego Bait is an effective tool that enables you to authentically flatter your guests in such a way that makes them more likely to promote you to their audience.

How To Stroke Your Guest’s Ego (The Right Way)

DimaQuotes: Instead of just quoting your guest, highlight what you said about them that features their expertise and benefit to your listeners. It could be something that you learned that impressed or surprised you. This makes it less self-promotional and more about celebrating their expertise.

Pictures: Both your image and your guest’s image will appear side-by-side. Guests are more likely to share the image when they feel they are not just promoting themselves.

Ease of Reposting: Ego Bait doesn’t just encourage sharing, it makes it effortless by emailing the HTML straight to your guest. Then, they simply copy and paste the code into their press or media page. The code will auto-generate the image and link it back to the blog post for that episode.

Examples of Ego Bait in Action


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Ego Bait is a game-changer for guest promotion. It’s like a digital handshake that says, “Thank you for being awesome, here’s how to easily share your awesomeness with the world.” So, ditch the lukewarm shares and unleash the full potential of your guests and create your own Ego Bait using our Ego Bait Code!

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