Podcast Protection: Update Your Copyright Dates Every Year

Don’t Let Your Copyright Fade: A Yearly Housekeeping Tip for Podcasters

It’s the little things, right? Like refreshing your pantry every January or swapping out that dusty welcome mat. But for creators like us, one crucial “little thing” often gets overlooked: updating our copyright. Yes, even that small line at the bottom of your podcast or website needs some love!

Why? It’s simple: your copyright is your claim to your creative work. It’s that “hands off!” sign that tells the world your podcast episodes, blog posts, and dazzling designs are yours. And guess what? Keeping that sign fresh and up-to-date is surprisingly easy.

New Year, New Copyright

As soon as those January fireworks fade, head over to your podcast hosting platform and swap out that old year for a shiny new one. This may be listed as a date range or a singular year. Either way, just make sure the current year is always included.

Website Refresh

Don’t stop at your podcast! Your website likely has a copyright notice lurking at the bottom too. Give it the same sparkly new year treatment. Trust us, your future self will thank you for avoiding outdated copyright cobwebs.

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Remember, these simple annual check-ups can make a world of difference. They protect your work, showcase your dedication, and keep you on top of your creative game. So, grab your digital dustpan, give your copyright a polish, and keep creating those brilliant things you do!

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