Can I Use A Popular Song As The Music For My Podcast?

No, it is against copyright laws to simply use a song from a personal music library. A license to the music used in any podcasts must be obtained. #


It is so tempting to use a popular song or artist for your podcast music. Although it would be awesome to “Who Are You? by The WHO as a song for your podcast, you cannot use any song without purchasing a music license for it. Music license costs can be anywhere from $50-$10,000 or more per year depending on how popular the song is and who the artist is. For this reason, most podcasters do not use well-known songs and choose to use the royalty-free music option. Royalty-free music often has a one-time fee for lifetime use of the song. A couple of great options to look into are soundstripe.com or premiumbeat.com.

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