Using a Forwarding URL for Easy Podcast Guest Booking

One Link To Rule Them All

Booking podcast guests shouldn’t be a calendar scavenger hunt. If you’re tired of copy-pasting clunky links and hoping guests can decipher them, you’re going to love the forwarding URL. Think of it like a nickname for your calendar. A short, easy-to-remember address that takes anyone who clicks it straight to your availability.

The Benefits of a Forwarding URL

  • Simple and smart: No more copying weird, long links. Just one click and you’re in!
  • Calendar chameleon: Switching platforms? No worries! Your forwarding URL stays the same.

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Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Begin at your website’s dashboard. This is your control center for managing your website. We use WordPress.

  2. Find the Redirection Tool. It’s usually located within your plugins or settings sections.

  3. Enter the Source URL: This is the new, easy-to-remember address you want to create.

  4. Enter the Target URL: This is the actual URL of your booking page. We use Calendly.

  5. Save your changes! Now, when someone visits your Source URL, they’ll be automatically redirected to your booking page.

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